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EcoRental is much more affordable than traditional interior design that can cost upwards of $1,500/room (not including furniture and fixtures). Plus with EcoRental you take a sharp right away from unsustainable practices and snobbery while getting skills for life.

DIY Coaching$350 (per project)
3D Rendering$50 (on top of coaching fee)
Extra Help$50 (on top of coaching fee)
Organizing$100/hour (or $80/hour on top of coaching fee)
DI – For You (full service sustainable interior design)$100/hour

*All prices are subject to change, especially if the scope of your project is deemed to be too large for one DIY Coaching session.

DIY CoachingCustom recommendations for your space
15 min initial call
1 hour individual virtual coaching session
Follow up email for questions
3D Rendering(optional add on to coaching)
3D rendering of you space with the custom recommendations (not perfectly to scale, but perfect for inspiration)
Extra Help(optional add on to coaching)
15 min follow up call
Help on finding 1-2 items for your space
OrganizingIn person professional organization (including guidance on donation and disposal of items)
DI – For You (full service sustainable interior design)Custom recommendations for your space
30 min initial call
1 hour consultation with recommendations
Shopping recommendations list
Installation on site

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